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OPEN by {DEFAULT}, Making fintech benevolent and fair

Algorithmic bias in financial services video, Unconscious bias in algorithms, AI, and machine learning could be the world’s biggest drivers to inequality in our lifetime.

Algorithmic bias and financial services report: A KPMG report prepared for Finastra

The Cost of Bias in AI Fintech, a BBC Digital Planet podcast



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Behind the Hype playlist 


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Design System



The Global Executive MBA program - check the scholarship opportunities for the Hack to the Future participants, and winners.

The Technology for Business Model Innovation fintech certificate  



Hour of Code Tutorials:

·         Dance Party

·         Minecraft

·         AI for Oceans

·         See HOC overview for other tutorials


·         Intro to Applab

·         Explore on your own

CSF Express: 29 lessons for ages 8-18

How Things Work video series: How the Internet works, How Computers work, How AI works



You can access it here (works best with Chrome). From teams looking for a structured way to uncover unmet customer needs to those wanting a framework to craft their value proposition and concepts, the Design Thinking approach helps ensure the solutions you're setting out to build are rooted in actual human needs, are commercially viable and technically feasible. We've created this toolkit to help you as you develop your ideas. 

You can use it to: 

  • Build a better understand of your target users and their needs
  • Define the problem statement you want to tackle
  • Rapidly brainstorm ideas 
  • Conceptualise the solution and its value proposition
  • Get to know your teammates better and be effective as a team

We've created the toolkit as a shared Mural board so you can collaborate remotely. It's a single step process to access the board and you won't need to register. If you'd like to use any of the templates with your team on a private board, let us know and we'll set one up for you. Our design and innovation mentors are also available to you if you'd like a facilitated session for your teams.


DESIGN SYSTEM: UI design assets

Foundations UI kit (colors, typography, UI elements & components): Sketch files:

App starter kit - mobile & desktop, Sketch and Adobe XD files:

Customer onboarding - mobile, Adobe XD file:

Retail app - mobile & desktop, Adobe XD & Sketch files:

Corporate Accounts Services - Sketch file:

Login page (mobile & desktop) - Sketch files:

Conversational UI - Adobe XD file:

Payments Chekout wizard - Sketch files:


DESIGN SYSTEM: dev assets

Sample Retail app repo:

Sample Corporate Banking app repo:

Stackblitz templates:

Angular theme & components repo:


DESIGN SYSTEM: video tutorials

Getting started designers:

Getting started developers: